Stay ahead of the game with in depth analysis.



Gnatta does much more than manage your social workflow. Whilst collecting and organising all of your interactions, it quietly collects all of the information you need, and provides an easily visualised understanding of where you stand.

Our analytics package covers everything from a brand health check to employee efficiency – all of this data is readily available at the touch of a button so you don’t need to spend time going over the figures.

Analyse Screenshot
  • Brand Health-Check

    This handy little monitor will track the sentiment of anyone talking about the brand – before they get in touch, and after. You’ll be able to see how people feel about you on a day-by-day, week-by-week or month-by-month basis.

    •  Insight into your reputation
    •  Easily managed and efficient
    •  Manage public perception
  • Productivity Measures

    Efficiency is key to your success – Gnatta watches everything tick over and reports response times, interaction length, interactions per hour (per user!) and more so you can monitor and reward the people who strive for excellence.

    •  Manage and analyse performance with ease
    •  Maximise efficiency
    •  See statistics for both individuals and groups
  • Non-Social Analytics

    A lot of your interactions will be coming in from non-social sources – the traditional formats like e-mail, webchat or telephone. It’s just as important to track these, to report back to you at the click of a button. Gnatta does this with ease, giving you insights into statistics such as sentiment, and even provides adjustable graphs and charts if you need to present it to colleagues.

    •  Track all channels by the same metrics
    •  Measure and report sentiment of traditional comms
    •  Handle all interactions consistently
  • Quality Management Systems

    Monitoring the quality of your interactions individually at high volume need not be difficult. Our quality reporting system allows your QA operators to create a fixed Quality Assessing Matrix, which can be used to rate individual interactions on the quality of their handling from an internal view.

    •  Quality at a glance
    •  Full analytical visibility and reporting