Customers love brands who listen. Gnatta makes that possible.



Gnatta at its heart is about engaging with customers in a fast, efficient and user-friendly manner. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to communication.

When it comes to talking to customers, your tools need to be as streamlined and easy to use as possible to let you focus on the task at hand. Gnatta allows you to communicate freely across multiple platforms, whilst maintaining simplicity and efficiency.

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  • Content Sharing

    Communication goes two ways, so we enable you to send out content towards the customers via the ‘Publishing’ function of Gnatta. It’s the easy way to plan and schedule your public messages - keep your followers and potential customers interested by setting up an observable and adjustable campaign.

    •  Schedule posts for out-of-office hours
    •  Maintain a global presence across time zones
    •  Connect with potential customers
  • Full Team Visibility

    The radar – where all of the interactions cumulate – can be filtered by team, company or user so that as a supervisor, you can keep track of your team individually and as a whole. Our wallboard provides a succinct summary of vital statistics, giving your team leaders a clear view of how everything’s going.

    •  Filter by team, company or user
    •  Keep track of your team individually and as a whole
    •  Full audit trail
  • Collaborative Workflow

    A team supervisor can quickly and easily distribute the incoming interactions across users, making sure every customer is welcomed and responded to by the team quickly and easily.

    Individuals can transfer interactions to a colleague with just a couple of clicks, schedule an update, check the interaction history, change perceived sentiment or priority all with our ‘update’ tab throughout all interactions.

    •  Quickly and easily distribute incoming interactions
    •  Make sure every customer is welcomed and responded to
    •  Transfer interactions between colleagues with just a couple of clicks
    •  Check history and change priorities instantly
    •  Maximise efficiency
    •  Reduce the need for repetitive task completion
  • Cross Platform Communication

    You want to give your customers the flexibility and choice of contacting you however they want to – Gnatta allows them to switch across channels and platforms easily. The only change your team will see whilst handling the interaction will be the indicative ‘platform’ marker – Tweet, E-mail, Facebook message, text – the list goes on. This allows you to provide consistent quality of communication, regardless of channel.

    •  Give your customers flexibility to contact you however they like
    •  Universal interface
    •  Consistent quality of communication regardless of channel
    •  Extend your reach throughout all forms of communication