All your interactions in one place



With all your social interactions together under one familiar screen, you can see everything without so much as a second tab on your browser.

It’s important to know what’s being said on social media – positivity provides a perfect opportunity to go viral, while negativity needs to be handled urgently. Gnatta is perfect for tracking everything down and presenting it in one friendly interface. Minimal software skills required, so there’s minimal training – just plug your brand into Gnatta, let us set you up, and you’re ready to go.

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  • Multi-Channel Access

    Our software converts any noise about your brand into a universal Gnatta interaction. That’s Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, text, Trustpilot, and more. Your team won’t need separate training across channels – just a brief introduction to Gnatta.

    •  Ease of access
    •  One interface across all platforms
    •  No separate training required
  • Workflow Management

    Organise everyone into teams, assign interactions any which way you like, and track the handling without moving from your desk.

    •  Quick and easy organisation
    •  Management to scale
    •  Capable of keeping up with any rate of growth
    •  Assign sentiment for your interactions to help set engagement tone
  • Pro-Active Capabilities

    There’s opportunity in pro-activity to get positivity about your brand making waves around the social sphere – contact customers before they’ve thought to contact you to prevent a disaster, or help grow a trend into something powerful.

    •  Pre-emptively contact customers
    •  Broadcast positivity about your brand
  • Identify Key People

    You can prioritise interactions based on any criteria you like, to make sure you’re handling the most important posts as carefully and efficiently as necessary.

    •  Track customers’ Klout, following or intensity of conversation
    •  Know exactly how to treat every individual
    •  Help your team visualise the importance of tone