Listen to your customers, wherever they are.



Gnatta is focused on unifying a huge variety of high volume customer engaged platforms and we are adding new platforms all the time. In each of the integrated platforms we are able to grab direct and sometimes indirect mentions of not only your account but general non brand terms. This means as well as hearing when people talk to you, you also get to hear when people are talking about you. Misspellings, device type, location, sentiment are all factors you can use when listening to your customers.

This allows you to prevent multiple handling of issues when customers contact you about the same thing over multiple channels. You can effectively respond to one of them/all of them or move customers to the channel you prefer.

We see this as falling into three distinct categories:

  • Traditional contact channels
  • Social media
  • Market places

What is unique about Gnatta is how we use data from one channel to highlight customer data in another channel. For example if you want a customer’s social following to impact on how you react to their emails then this is not a problem. Want to react to a Facebook post based on an email signature – no problem. Read a text message conversation when talking to a customer over Webchat – no problem.

Platforms We Are Currently Integrated With:










Welcome to the Gnatta API. This is the first version and is an exciting stage to give you the access you need to your data. Designed with ease of use and access in mind, we expose all our key data to give you the insights you need to drive those key business decisions. We’ve made sure that our API is flexible and functional to make sure it is fit to purpose. No limits, your data is your own, so get started right away and unlock the power of Gnatta.

We’re always looking to improve, and if you have an idea or some feedback on any of our API, then contact your account manager or get in touch with us via the contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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