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    Introducing Trustpilot Integration

    Manage your Trustpilot page from one easy to use platform

    as well as emails, SMS, web chat, social media and more.

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The integration of Trustpilot into Gnatta allows businesses to see all new reviews, showing star rating and the references used to validate them as genuine. Gnatta’s backline then auto matches these references against other channels, so we can show if the review is linked to an influential Twitter account, a viral Facebook thread, or more traditional communications such as SMS and email.

Gnatta is unique in that it recognises the importance of customer reviews as a method of communication, and offers the facilities required to engage (and ultimately turn around) negative reviews. Typically, our clients see over a quarter of 1/2 star reviews become 4/5 stars – customers love businesses that listen to them, and Gnatta makes this possible.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • Turnaround over 25% of your most negative reviews
  • Directly grow your revenue by up to 40%
  • Improve your Trustscore, increasing your conversion rate by up to 60%
What else can it do? 
  • Combine Trustpilot with traditional and social analytics
  • Automatically workflow your Trustpilot reviews to the right agent
  • Real-time engagement
  • Increase CS efficiency
  • Cross reference from other channels
  • Show all conversations from a single interaction on one interface
  • Full audit trail
  • Fully utilise social and traditional data
  • Create in-depth parameters for efficient engagement
Social Media


Matching Trustpilot reviews to other channels means we can prevent handling the same issue in duplicate, as well as using social influence metrics (Follower count, Klout score, like/share volume etc.) to focus operatives on the most urgent reviews. Everything is presented in an easy to use communication flow, so the user can see everything chronologically in one place.

  • Answer Trustpilot from Gnatta
  • Cross reference from other channels
  • Drive up efficiency
  • Gain business intelligence


Workflow management ensures your business rules on Trustpilot reviews impact on response times. You can go simple (star rating) or complex (also factor in other channel influence metrics) to auto assign a priority and then decide which team/user you want to respond. As the user responds to the review, the response is posted in real time to the Trustpilot platform. Canned responses allow you to preplan content and speed up responses - turning Trustpilot review management into a fast paced, high quality channel. Responding to reviews is typically under half the cost of a phone call using Gnatta, and response times can be in seconds, not hours or days. You need to engage customers leaving reviews quickly, to ensure they feel that they are valued and that their review has real importance. Gnatta can help you do that.

  • Real time engagement
  • Canned responses
  • Drive down cost
  • Streamline your communications


The key component to Trustpilot management in Gnatta is turning around negative reviews, and to use positive reviews as a source of advocacy and repeat sales. Gnatta can help you turnaround over a quarter of your lowest reviews, and use your best reviews to then generate more sales. Gnatta’s quality management, wiki and product knowledge systems allow you to ensure your colleagues are given every opportunity to deliver the highest quality of assistance available. Put simply: customers are delighted with the quality and level of service they receive.

  • 1 to 1 interaction
  • Turnaround your unhappy customers
  • Create brand advocates