Automating Customer Care.

The Gnatta product was designed around a workflow engine with one purpose in mind: automating repetitive tasks. Whether that means implementing a chatbot, routing interactions intelligently, or proactively sending outbound notifications, our workflows ensure that customer service agents can focus on doing what they do best.

Reduce Your Cost To Serve And Create Happier Customers.

Yes, you really can have both. With an unlimited array of time-saving automation available, you can minimise both operator workloads and customer service response times. Everybody wins. With a wide selection of data points, triggers and actions to choose from, the sky’s your limit.

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Filtering Rules

Use workflow rules to filter out the noise of junk or irrelevant contacts. Are your marketing team running a 'comment' competition on social? There's a rule for that. Bot got hold of your website form? There's a rule for that too. Email address fallen into the wrong hands? We've got you.

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Routing Rules

Not every interaction is made equal, and your agents may have different skill levels depending on their length of service, training, or job role. Gnatta workflows will help you sort interactions based on priority indicators like channel, topic, or social influence, and then deliver contacts to the right person, in the right order.

Simple Automations


Chatbots don't have to mean complex AI. Some of the most effective chatbots in the industry at the moment are simple and 'unintelligent', but powerful. You could use social media quick replies or pre-chat survey bots, each with carefully planned exit points so the customer never gets caught in a loop.

What are workflows and how do they work?

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Customisation: no coding required.

You can configure Gnatta workflows without getting knee-deep into code. That means no developers, no waiting, and frictionless entry to automation. Each tier of our product comes with a support plan, so you’ll have access to all of our knowledge and expertise to design a contact centre platform that works as hard as you do.

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Secure Messages

Our profile aggregation feature boosts your efficiency.

Eradicate duplicate contacts by using workflow to automatically recognise a customer who is contacting you on multiple channels. Use a key piece of data like an email address to collate everything into a single conversation, and then hike the most recent interaction up the priority list to get to the bottom of the issue before it can escalate further.

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Time-saving features.

Gnatta is jam-packed with features that will help you streamline even the neatest of operations. Things like auto-suggesting approved responses in-chat, collecting data from a courier when a tracking number is identified, or gathering DPA/GDPR information already supplied in recent conversations – it all adds up to lower operator workloads.

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