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Much like your customers, you hate repeating yourself. Help out your customers by reading our blog on combining inbound communication channels into a single view, and the commercial impact of repetition.

Customers hate repeating themselves. You know that, as you probably hate repeating yourself too.

Help out your customers by combining all inbound communications channels into a single view, so that whoever picks up the customer query can jump in and help immediately.

Want to know the commercial impact of repetition? Click here.



Combining inbound channels has a reputation for being difficult to achieve, but Gnatta can get you up and running in as little as 24 hours. You can see how easy it is for contact centre agents to get access to all of customer’s communications across channels:

gnatta customer service software text box example

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With our Self Service portal, you can be up and running quickly, integrating social and email channels and routing inbound queries with ease.

No credit card needed. No hidden costs. 30 days free. Control your set up.

Without it you can’t, with Gnatta you can.

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