Professional Software for Expert Communication

Complete contact management from just £109 a month.

When you work with customers, suppliers, and internal teams, optimum communication separates the best from the rest. 

It's time to make your communication Professional.

Gnatta's Professional package is your ultimate solution for all your communication needs. It includes our full channel suite, access to our API and third-party integrations, and infinite customisation options.

  We even include 5 hours of customisation work from our dedicated team of product experts to ensure your new Gnatta system works for you.   

  The Professional package also comes with a beneficial payment option. Our "Per Seat" model means you only pay for those users online at once. Need to set up 50 users but only have 30 online at once? Then you only pay for 30 licences, making this our optimum product for large teams.  

  Start today from just £109 per seat, per month.  

Truly Omnichannel

With all the digital and offline channels included, Professional is the product for managing the entire customer journey. Add in features like Profile Aggregation and Gnatta can take your communication to the next level.

Maximise Your Data

Gnatta can be utilised with hundreds of other systems (such as your CRM) so you can make decisions based on your customer data. From automating track queries, to monitoring contact levels by client segments, make your operation truly dynamic.

Unique Features

From dynamic content, to behaviour-based automated responses, to sentiment and language analysis, we offer a plethora of additional options to power your operation.

Powering Your Team

On-site Launch Support

Going live has never been easier; a member of our team will be on-hand for your launch day to make it as seamless as possible.

Pay Per Seat

No matter the size of your team, only pay for the number of advisors online. It's as simple as that.

Fully Customisable Solution

From integrations and apps through to advanced routing and customer journeys; make Gnatta work for you.

Just some of the brands already benefiting from Gnatta: