Unique Software For Every Business

Your communication is only as good as the software that powers it.

Contact management software is a busy market. With hundreds of tools available, finding the one that's right for your organisation can be a real drag. 

To make things easier, we've summed up why we believe Gnatta is the only real choice to make below.

No More Manual Routing

No two contacts are the same. Whatever the situation, there will always be one request which is the most important to answer. With our dynamic SLA system, Gnatta is making real-time decisions on the importance of every open message you've received and serving the top priorities to available agents.


Basic routing takes wait time and channel into account, with advanced options including content, sender meta information, and more.


Easily accessible within the system, routing can be updated as you develop your operation to keep you one step ahead.


Our SLA engine works in real-time allowing you to make changes to react quickly to anything.

From automated SLA routing to our unique Profile Aggregation feature, Gnatta can be customised to work with - rather than against - your systems. Detail on some of our key differentiators is below, but why not see the product in action for yourself?

The Whole Conversation

Communication isn't channel-specific. It could be following a webchat with an email, moving across social channels, going old school and picking up the phone - you need the whole conversation. Using our Profile Aggregation feature, all contacts from a single sender will be applied a unique identifier so they can be collected into a single interaction. This prevents duplicated workloads and gives your agents everything they need to resolve the question first time.


Profile Aggregation collects information across each channel it is applied to and ensures these contacts are added to a single user view.


Agents no longer have to deal with multiple tickets from the same customer, saving duplicated replies and time wasted closing down contacts which have been answered elsewhere.


Bringing your contacts together doesn't just help agents work faster. By looking at the full conversation,  they can provide a complete answer for maximum effect.

A Complete Toolkit

Gnatta was conceived as the answer to the challenges of many-to-one contact management. Your organisation is constantly managing hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of conversations and that requires an arsenal of solutions to succeed. A few of our favourites are below.

Content Responses

Dynamic responses for frequently asked questions: so far, so standard. But with Content, you can add variants (no more robotic responses here), populate relevant customer information, and so much more.

Automated Messaging

Sometimes it doesn't make sense for an agent to handle a contact. Whether it's single automated responses by email or SMS, social quick reply conversations, or even a full bot journey; we can help you build the solution you need.


Every agent knows the pain of having to use multiple systems. Gathering order information, tracking deliveries, and updating customer data can all harm efficiency . We give you the ability to centralise your systems into Gnatta.

We don't believe in standing still. As well as our toolbox of current features, we're constantly improving Gnatta through our fortnightly product updates. Alongside the usual bug fixes, we also release new channels and features regularly.    Keep in the loop about what we're adding below: