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Gnatta for the Property Industry.

Every contact demands your attention, it's time for a solution that gives you more control.

How Can Gnatta Help You?

Gnatta is the number one solution for answering your customers quicker and more effectively.

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Interactions Not Tickets

Communication is personal, it shouldn't be another bullet on your list. Gnatta combines queries across channels into single customer conversations.

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Real-Time Prioritisation

Don't miss the important questions. Our system automatically routes queries to the right advisor, depending on what matters to you.

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Complete Insight

Use the full visibility of your operational data to drive positive change in your business. From agent performance to customer satisfaction, see everything that matters.

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Give your team the tools they need.

Your team are the front-line of your business and often get a raw deal, dealing with your customers. Let us work with you and ensure your team has everything they need to communicate with your customers effectively.

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Customise Gnatta to suit you.

Every customer relationship is important but they’re not all the same. Gnatta allows you to fully customise, whether it’s prioritising complaints or setting up a new customer, you can customise all routing in real-time.

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