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Gnatta for the Property Industry.

Whether you’re an estate agent, a lettings agent or a housing association, there’s no escaping that the success of your business relies on excellent customer service. Feeling the pressure? Let us help. Armed with our CRM software, the customer care offered by your property service can thrive. Get started with us and you’ll be handling missed payments, rental claims and general enquiries with ease in no time.

Defining Good Customer Service in the Property Industry

When dealing with valuable assets like properties, the customer service you offer can make or break your reputation. And a stellar reputation can put you in good stead for maintaining a reliable and popular lettings agency, estate agency or housing association.

So, what exactly do we mean by good customer service in this industry?

First and foremost, we believe that a customer-centric approach is essential. After all, your business would be nothing without your buyers, letters or tenants. Regardless of what type of property business you’re running, you’ll want every customer to trust that you can handle all interactions quickly, efficiently and accurately.

From reaching customers through our interaction-based approach to providing the best security features, our customer service packages are designed with the property industry in mind. Our range of features is guaranteed to provide your property business with all the necessary tools to offer the very best customer service and ensure your customer satisfaction reaches new heights.

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Interactions Not Tickets

Communication is personal, it shouldn’t be just another bullet on your to-do list. Gnatta seamlessly combines queries across channels into single customer conversations, meaning you can focus more on your tenants and buyer's individual needs.

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Real-Time Prioritisation

Don't miss your customer’s important questions. Our system automatically routes queries to the right advisor, depending on what matters most to you. Whether you prefer to prioritise current tenant issues or new lettings enquiries, you can set up a range of automatic processes to make it happen.

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Complete Insight

Use the full visibility of your operational data to drive positive change in your business. From agent performance to customer satisfaction to common contact reasons, see everything that matters to your property business. From these key insights, you can improve your business approach from the inside out to benefit tenants, buyers, estate agents, lettings agents and everyone in between.

For Long & Short Term Property Rentals

Property rentals can become complicated fast when there’s a lack of organisation and communication isn’t up to scratch. Whether your business offers long or short-term property rentals or a combination of the two, Gnatta can offer the best solution for all rental lengths. Automation of letting services, quick and easy access to availability calendars and insights into the data you need, such as your busiest letting periods, are just some of great the features we can offer.

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Give your team the tools they need.

Your lettings, estate agents and housing officers are at the front line of your business day-in-day-out and often need to contend with the challenges of dealing with tenant and buyer queries and concerns. Let us work with your property business to ensure your team has everything they need to communicate with your customers effectively.

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Customise Gnatta to suit you.

Every customer relationship is important but they’re not all the same. Gnatta allows you to fully customise your customer care, whether it’s offering property management answering services, prioritising complaints or helping set up a new customer. All routing can be tailored to you in real time.

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Fully UK-based, 24/7 service

Leave the offshore accounts offshore. Once you’re set up with your chosen Gnatta package, you and your property management team can benefit from UK-based support available whenever you need us. Any questions or concerns? We can sort these quickly and efficiently on home turf.

Gnatta Reviews - What Our Happy Customers Say

Using Gnatta we’ve increased our channel coverage with a more effective service, which is key to our customer goals.
Neil Hunter
Operations Systems Manager
Managing our customer conversations through Gnatta has made huge improvements to our contact centre efficiency.
Tracy Hodges
Head of Product
Using Gnatta allows us to automate large parts of the customer journey, making our agents more efficient and more effective.
Tracy Davies
Chief Operating Officer
FM Outsource

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