Social Media Quick Replies as a Cost Reduction Strategy

Social media quick replies are an efficient tool to improve your customer experience and achieve significant savings, proven in our free client case study.

An Easy Route into Automating Your Customer Service

Implementing quick replies could save your business an impressive amount of money. Our latest study focuses on the savings of just one of our clients and illustrates how this simple automation improved their advisor efficiency. We also delve into what the cost reduction might look like for you.

What are Quick Replies?

Quick replies are an automated self-service system on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When a customer contacts the business, they will see pre-written questions in the form of buttons that can be automatically answered by your bots. Customers can use quick replies to answer their query or, for more complicated questions, to request a human advisor.

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Focus on the Customer

Simple automation lets your advisors focus on providing an outstanding customer experience. With 65% of interactions being solved by automation or at the first point of contact, your advisors can give all of their attention to the more complicated interactions and really blow their socks off! 

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Fully Self-Configurable

Quick replies are relatively easy to set up and to edit, meaning you don’t have to rely on your software provider any time you want to change something.

At Gnatta, we’ll show you exactly how to manage your quick replies within your own team.

Saving You Money

Our client saved £58,000 during one of the busiest and most difficult months of the year. And it wasn’t at the expense of their customer experience. We call that a win.

Our study looks into what those savings might look like on a larger scale. When only considering fully automated interactions, we estimated that a sizeable business could save more £50,000 a month, every month. 

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