Gnatta unifies all of your messages from social media, email, website contact forms, SMS and anywhere else into one single chat window. There are no more blind spots with Gnatta. We make sure that your customers can always reach you, no matter where they get in touch.

Grow your business, Not Your Workforce.

Usually, a growing business demands more resources to cover its customer service flanks. But, with Gnatta’s streamlined omnichannel system, operators can comfortably handle multiple queries at once, quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Secure Messages

Single Profile View

We don't stop short at collating every channel; we collate every customer as well. Whenever and wherever your customers contact you, Gnatta will associate their messages with one single identity. That means faster information recall for your operators and smoother service for your customers.

gnatta automated response

Reduce Your Cost to Serve

With Gnatta, the query resolution process is continually optimised. This minimises resolution times and maximises effectiveness in order to reduce contact volume mounting up. That means fewer operators, fewer interactions to resolve even the most complex queries, and fewer unnecessary expenditures.

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Total Visibility

File notes from previous handlers are one thing, but with Gnatta your operators will have the entire customer history at their fingertips, including data from all your other systems. That leaves no email to fall into junk, no order unfound, and no DPA information irretrievable. Everything you need is right there, always.


Gnatta Saves You Money

Tell us your channel usage, and we'll give you an estimate of what we can save you.

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All our automation is customisable.

Whether it’s helping your customers or your operators, ingenious automation is our not-so-secret ingredient. We’ll work with you to program routing, filtering, auto-filling, and a truly intuitive chatbot. This is on top of devising niche automated responses with infinite variations set to any criteria you like. You can pick and choose how and what to automate, right down to the granular level.

Single Customer View

Personalisation at scale.

Between our dynamic content responses and in-conversation alerts, Gnatta augments your operators’ skillsets by providing key information about the customers they’re speaking to in real-time. Something as simple as remembering a previous conversation can be incredibly meaningful to a customer, and Gnatta means you’re able to preserve that personal touch no matter how big you grow.

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