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Gnatta For Retail.

Tired of all the headaches that come with managing customer enquiries via your shop’s website, social media channels, email, and everywhere else? Get some real retail therapy with Gnatta. Our omnichannel approach means that wherever your customers contact you, you'll find them all in one place.

Really connect with your customers.

Exceptional customer service is the number one reason for customer retention in retail. But, in 2021, exceptional customer service depends on exceptional data. That’s why Gnatta gives you the tools to learn what makes your customers tick. You can plan your approach to any conversation based on established preferences, demographics and motivators. With Gnatta, you can treat your customers like the individuals they are.

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Build Relationships

We know that a personal touch goes a long way. That's why Gnatta builds identities for your customers. Each interaction informs the next and you can learn what they respond to. We want to help you build relationships with your customers, not just manage their enquiries.

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AI-Powered Routing

With Gnatta, queries are triaged based on data learnings, so we don’t just find the next customer service agent available: we find the most suitable. Better yet, you can fully customise Gnatta's UI and features to fit your business as it evolves.

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No Duplicated Tickets

Gnatta's omnichannel UI and Profile Aggregation mean a customer's entire history across all channels is visible in just one place. That makes duplicate tickets a thing of the past, saving you precious money, time and energy.

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Universal integration for open APIs.

Migrating your systems to a new customer service platform might seem like a daunting task, which is why Gnatta can integrate data from your existing inventory, labour management and sales reporting software. As long as your system has an open API, we can integrate it just like that.

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Comprehensive analytics built-in.

We don’t waste a single byte of data, so Gnatta provides full visibility of customer and operator analytics in real-time, plus powerful tools to optimise your customer service. For example, a trend in the reason for contact could allow you to get ahead on a product fault and start the recall process early.

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