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Gnatta For The Utilities Industry.

Utilities companies provide essential services that the whole country relies on day and night. You need a customer service platform that does the same. Meet Gnatta.

Energise your operators with the flick of a switch

An operator is only as good as the tools they’re given, and if those tools are outdated then so is your customer service. We connect all of your channels and consolidate them into one. That means no more blind spots, no more neglected channels, no more overdue service level agreements, and no more duplicate tickets. Gnatta leaves operators to do what they’re best at: helping customers.

Cutting-edge omnichannel UI, profile aggregation features, and formidable automation tools are just a few of the customer service superpowers waiting for your operators with Gnatta. Work faster, and work smarter.

User Journey

Holistic View

Customer queries don’t occur in a vacuum, so neither should your customer service. That’s why, with Gnatta, all contact is automatically recorded and stored in a customer profile along with their account details, history, and file notes. That gives your operators a panoramic view of the customer journey, not just a glimpse.

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Automated Queue Prioritisation

We weren't bluffing when we said long hold times are a thing of the past. Gnatta's queue prioritisation system automatically funnels customers to the advisor best suited to handle the query, creating a net decrease in contact handling times. Further still, all rules are set by you and can be edited in real-time.

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Systems Integration

We know that running multiple systems in multiple windows slows everything down, but businesses often don't have a choice. Well, with Gnatta, you do. Our open API means we can integrate any of your existing systems into Gnatta, as long as they have an open API too. Get the best of both worlds!


We created dynamic content responses.

Some queries are handled most quickly and effectively without the need for human intervention. Forget whatever you know about canned responses though – this isn’t a simple FAQ chatbot. Gnatta’s dynamic content system allows you to constantly tweak and add variants, pulls through customer data, and much more.

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Be agile with real-time analytics

From the comfort of a single UI, you can watch contact and operator statistics live. This could be query type, contact resolution time, number of contact resolutions, and loads more. You can compare this data to averages and potentially identify issues such as a spike in complaints, allowing you to resolve them at the source before they get out of hand.

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