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How Important is Chatbot and Webchat Tone of Voice?

Creating a strong tone of voice for your brand helps you stand out, but how important is it that you implement it into your conversational AI? Let’s delve into it below…

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What are Workflows and How Do They Work?

Workflow technology powers every part of Gnatta. They boost efficiency and save your team time on repetitive tasks. Check out our video to learn more.

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Automation Cuts Costs; Why Aren’t You Using It?

You can’t run a customer service operation well without implementing automation. Without automating, you’re paying more than you need to; here's why.

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Optimise Omnichannel with Customisable Workflows

Using customisable workflows can optimise your omnichannel offering, cut costs and improve customer experience. Find out how.

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Automation and AI in Customer Communication

From fears about job losses to innovation breakthroughs in healthcare, AI and automation are possibly the biggest buzzwords of the 21st century so far.

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Social Media Quick Replies as a Cost Reduction Strategy

Social media quick replies are an efficient tool to improve your customer experience and achieve significant savings, proven in our free client case study.

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The Role of Automation in Customer Service Jobs

Automation does more than superfluous tasks. The marriage of human advisors and automation in customer service can help you provide amazing customer care.

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