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Customer Service Questions: Webchat Vs. Chatbot

If you’re trying to upgrade your current customer service communication, you’ve probably come across Webchats and Chatbots and started asking questions like firstly what are they? And secondly which is right for my business?

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Gen Z: How to Harness Their Power as Brand Advocates

You’ve probably heard a lot about Gen Z – and not all of it good – so let’s dispel some myths and learn how to nurture them as brand advocates.

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Customer Service Technology Improves Advisor Performance

Outdated systems hinder your agents, but the best customer service technology can turn them into experts. Let's get into the how’s and why’s.

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How to Handle Product Recalls Faster

Handling product recalls can be a trying experience, but it can improve the customer journey and even boost customer loyalty. This is how Gnatta makes it possible.

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The Role of Automation in Customer Service Jobs

Automation does more than superfluous tasks. The marriage of human advisors and automation in customer service can help you provide amazing customer care.

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The New Normal? E-Commerce Customer Service in 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, the importance or e-commerce customer service has grown like never before. Here’s how you can take advantage.

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