Why You Need a Single Customer View

Join us for an insightful webinar to explore how brands use Gnatta to improve their single customer view via their customer communication tech stack. We'll be discussing what a single customer view entails, why you need one - and most importantly: how you can go about getting one set up.

Our speakers will cover topics including:

  • The future of customer communication following COVID-19
  • The impact of the pandemic and post-pandemic policies on contact centre agents
  • How you can keep ahead of your market in the “new normal”

We’ll also have a case study from leading technology brand about how their use of Gnatta has helped them through 2020 and 2021!

11:00 Thursday 23rd September

Reserve your seat today for best practice insight from established customer communications professionals:

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Speaker Line Up

Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd - FM Outsource

Gary is an experienced customer service team leader. In his current role as Head of Operations at FM Outsource he is responsible for managing campaigns across a variety of clients and has seen first hand how the use of technology directly impacts the teams he leads.

Jack Barmby

Jack Barmby - Gnatta

As the Founder of Gnatta, Jack has always had a strong view on the importance of technology in helping provide an exemplar customer experience. His vision is a world where customers can speak to any business, on any channel, at any time, as part of one seamless conversation.

Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman -

Anthony is a Customer Experience Manager at customer communication team, with a special interest in helping the team improve the digital experience the brand's customers receive. With their incredible journey since going public in 2014, are continuing to grow their share of the electronics market and a single customer view is crucial to how they manage this.

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