Augmented Intelligence

Helping you deliver world class customer service
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Augmented intelligence, also called intelligence amplification, is the combination of both human and artificial intelligence. For Gnatta, this means a seamless experience for your customer between human and artificial responses as our machine learning complements your operators for added quality and efficiency.

Increased Efficiency = Better Service

By working with pre-set criteria, your robot operators will do the fetching and carrying; getting the simple order data and information to leave your staff able to focus on handling the customer's query.

Seamless Interaction

A single interface means no disruption between human and robot, leaving your customer with a smooth conversation experience.

Complete Control

A difficult conversation? Not a problem, your team are always in complete control and all our augmented intelligence can be temporarily disabled anytime on a chat by chat basis.

Augmented Intelligence is already revolutionising the customer experience. By providing seamless conversations between humans and robots, you can empower your customer service team to focus on the hard part: providing a quality customer conversation.