Market Leading Customer Technology

Technology That Improves Customer Service

Customer technology, or CusTech, is comprised from a new set of tech companies who focus on products and services designed to improve the customer experience. In Gnatta's case we do this by taking the multiple channels brands speak to their customers on and, with added layers of bespoke automation, centralise contacts and information to get the right query in front of the right operator at the right time.

New Technology

Customer service is a constantly changing industry and Gnatta's technology continues to adapt and evolve to provide everything you need for successful customer conversations.

Enhanced Customer Service

Our technology exists for one reason, and for one reason only: to help your operators deliver the best customer care possible. It's been our mission since we were founded, and it'll never change.

Leading The Way In Customer Care AI

We believe that artificial intelligence and human experience go hand in hand, and together are the future of customer service.