Everything You Need And More

At Gnatta, we don't believe in gimmicks. That's why every single one of our product features has been developed with your customer support needs in mind. We're not done yet though; watch out for new additions to our customer support software soon!

Top Features

An Adaptive Workforce

Let your users work multiple channels at once. With Gnatta, you decide the priority of every query, regardless of where it's come from, to make your team as efficient as can be.

Keep On Top Of Everything

Make routing and priority decisions in real time to ensure your contacts are getting to the right people at the right time.

Never Miss A Deadline

Manage and prioritise your SLA's to ensure you’re always hitting your targets, whether company-wide or user specific, and ensure that your response times stay in check.

Efficient Like Never Before

Take advantage of our adaptable AI to help make your operation slicker. Let our tech gather necessary information for your advisors to make their job easier.

Say Goodbye To Latency

Speed of response is everything. When a customer messages you, Gnatta will process it quicker than any other solution. We receive webchat messages in less than 1 second, social mentions in less than 10, and emails in less than 30.

Maintain Control

Everything in Gnatta can be edited and changed in real time, directly in the product. This means no professional service fees, no dependency on a support team, and you keep control over your setup to make changes as you need them.

Built For Enterprise

Fully Decoupled

Every channel is fully decoupled. That means that if one of your channels has connectivity issues, your team can continue working; when the connection resumes, the messages will send so you never have any downtime.

Secure and Stable

Our security and infrastructure are compliant with the highest levels. We undergo regular security checks and our infrastructure is designed to deal with burst capacity; we’re always running at maximum efficiency, even when you hit your busiest periods.


We can integrate with any existing database, CRM, or other external system to get and post data in near real time. This maintains total clarity across your operation and you can even use your data from external systems to influence decisions in our workflow engine.