Kick-start your Customer Review Process


Our integration will let you manage your Trustpilot ratings directly from Gnatta, with cross-channel tracking to monitor the impact of your reviews on other areas of your business.

Get The Whole Picture

See all new reviews, including the star rating and the references used to validate them as genuine. We then match these reviews against other channels to monitor the actual impact on your business.

See Old Comments

Remove the limitation of having one comment on a review at any one time. Gnatta stores old comments and displays them to a user in an easily navigable way so you can always see the conversation history, even if it’s not viewable on Trustpilot

Turn Around Customers When It Matters

Having the whole story can make sure you turn around unhappy customers before you lose them. With access to the suite of Gnatta tools, you have more control over your reviews to make sure they're a true reflection of your business.