Gnatta is the platform that brings all your conversations into one place

We are the workflow layer between your operators and your customers.
Want to get straight to the detail?
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It's not one size fits all; we all speak to - and want to speak to - our customers differently. So you need to be able to prioritise your contact. Use hundreds of variables to make Gnatta your own and teach it what's important to you. Our software makes intelligent decisions about what needs dealing with first, without human intervention.


Human Decisions Without Human Intervention

Set up your workflows to automate and optimise the customer journey. Hand your process over to Gnatta so your operators can focus on the most important thing: the customer.

In-Flight Automation

Things can change, fast. Keep everything under control and adjust priorities as the customer's needs change.

Unparalleled Productivity

With a whole suite of tools to give your customers and advisors the information they need, exactly when they need it, your team will be more effective than ever.

Our tool is designed to give you the platform you need to deliver the service your customers deserve. In business, every query is as unique as the individual behind it, and no one understands your customers better than you. Gnatta is designed to give you control of your support, with hundreds of customisable variables to make our algorithms, automation, and workflow systems work for you.