The Glue That Sticks Your Customer Experience Together

We connect your customers, your operators, and your systems.
Gnatta brings your operation closer together.

Gnatta is the Platform for Your Customer Conversations
Gnatta sits between your operators, your customers, and your systems. By linking everything together, we ensure a holistic view for your customer care team. Combined with our automated and AI features, we ensure an exceptional experience for your customers.

The result is the right conversation being passed to the right operator, with the right information, at the right time


Real Time Integration

Gnatta receives messages from customers in real time, meaning no delay between customer queries and operator replies.

The Power of Workflow

Our bespoke workflow system is set up with your priorities in mind, giving you the power to handle task assignment, and prioritisation via automation.

A.I. Ready

With our cutting edge A.I. technology our bots work alongside your operators for an enhanced, seamless customer experience.

Our tool is designed to give you the platform you need to deliver the service your customers deserve. Every query is as unique as the individual behind it, and no one understands your customers better than you. Gnatta is designed to give you control of your customer experience, with hundreds of customisable variables to make our algorithms, automation, and workflow systems work for you.