AI: Your Customers' New Best Friend

In Gnatta, our AI exists to support your operators, and assist your customers.

AI and your customers

Artificial Intelligence

Utilise machine learning through our bots to receive, handle, and route inbound communications without any human intervention.

Augmented Intelligence

By working with pre-set criteria, your robot operators will do the fetching and carrying. In the event they can't handle the query, they'll pass it straight to a human operator.

Human Empathy

All our bots use natural language processing to understand the context behind a query, and ensure an appropriate response.

Total Control

A difficult conversation? Not a problem. Take complete control - all augmented intelligence can be temporarily disabled anytime on a chat-by-chat basis.

Gnatta offers both artificial and augmented intelligence capabilities. Using our natural language processing (NLP) system, we take the context of each query and make the decision on whether a bot is able to handle it, or assist a human in its resolution . If the system identifies a bot is able to handle the issue, it will be immediately triggered as part of the workflow process.

Designed to Work with You

A single interface means no disruption between human and robot, leaving your customer with a smooth experience as the interaction moves along.

Fully Customisable

The use and range of your Gnatta AI bots is totally within your control. Want to set conditions where only a human can pick up a conversation? Easy. Want to determine it by channel? Done. Our support team are on hand to help every step of the way.

Getting Better All the Time

Our bots are always learning, and as a Gnatta client you'll always have access to the most up to date knowledge repository. This means the more conversations your bots handle, the better they'll become.

What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented intelligence, also called intelligence amplification, is the combination of both human and artificial intelligence. For Gnatta, this means a seamless experience for your customer between human and artificial responses as our machine learning complements your operators for added quality and efficiency.