Supercharging Web Chat

Be available onsite, when your customers need you.
Gnatta's web chat solution is a must for active customer engagement.

Happy Customers Happy Team

Help more customers in less time. Everyone's happy.

Customise Their Journey

Give customers a chat experience relevant to where they are in their journey.

Exceed Their Expectations

Gnatta integrates webchat with your other channels, so you never miss a beat.


Use different methods of assigning work to make sure your team is as efficient as it can be. Rather than 'poker dealer' methods of assigning work, you can prioritise agents to take work until at their cap and fully optimised, leaving others free to work on alternate channels.

Supervisor Control

Unlike other systems, supervisors have full control over chats, to watch and shadow a team member, advise them on best practice or completely take over a chat. By preventing the need to prompt operators to close/wrap chats we deliver extra efficiency. Supervisors can even send messages on operator’s behalf.

Email Deflection

When chat is busy, standard behaviour is to make it unavailable for an alternate channel. In Gnatta, users can leave you a message, and receive an automatic link which brings them back. This reduces emails through unavailable chat by up to 40%, as the customer always has a way to get back to their channel of choice.

Fully Managed UI

Make chat your own; Gnatta Chat is fully customisable and mobile friendly, so can line right up with your brand guidelines.

Introducing 'Content'

Our new adaptive AI engine gives your operators suggested responses, based on the customer's query. The machine learning capability means consistently improving responses over time. You can also take advantage of Proactive Chat to connect with visitors on your site and create new customers.

Cutomisable Routing

Control over availability and schedules to make sure webchat is only accessible when you are, and ‘Email Us’ fallback for when you’re offline. To avoid frustration for customers with poor connections, there’s a built in ‘Keep Alive’ function during any periods of disruption.

Any Platform, Any Time

Full schedule management and compatibility, no matter what device your customer is on, meaning a consistently excellent experience.