Customer Technology Is How Smart Businesses Get Ahead

Management of the customer experience is more important than ever to a business' success.
Gnatta's customer technology software helps you deliver a world-class service in as easy way as possible.

Better Tech = Happier Customers


Our software is designed by experienced customer service professionals, to solve problems we know you face.


Gnatta exists to make your operators lives easier, by taking away the drags on their time and leaving them free to talk to your customers.


Our technology is built with you in mind, and we regularly talk to our clients to provide the tools they need for their business.


Gnatta works. All of our clients have seen positive increases since using our technology, and we're sure you will too.

Customer technology is a wide ranging term. For Gnatta, this will always mean helping you speak to your customers, as we believe our technology is the best way for you to ensure world class customer service.

A Safe Solution

Our software is regularly tested to demonstrate full security, meaning your organisations conversations are safe with us.

Support When You Need It

We have a dedicated client support team who are there to help you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing assistance throughout your time with Gnatta.

Training Heroes

All Gnatta clients receive full training as standard, so each and every one of your operators will have the skills to use Gnatta to become a real customer hero.

What Is Customer Technology

Customer technology is software designed to improve the customer experience. This tech could enhance the customer journey, shortening the payment process, or increasing availability at the point of customer contact. There are lots of different types of customer technology but all seek to address issues relating specifically to the customer.