The Power Behind Your Customer Conversations

Let Gnatta’s workflows take care of the tasks so your operators can take care of the customers.

The Power of Workflow


Workflow automates the manual, time-consuming tasks that slow down query resolutions.


We apply your priorities to the conversations that come in, meaning all your customers are responded to when they need it.


Workflow means getting the right customer to the right operator, every time.


Workflow provides the relevant information that an operator needs when they receive a communication.

Workflow was built by our in-house developer team and is the beating heart of Gnatta. We're tremendously proud of it, and are excited for what's coming next. Our commitment to you as a Gnatta client is access to Workflow for as long as you're with us, giving you the future of the customer experience, today. Breaking all tasks into workflows, and using metadata around interactions, means we can remove human judgement from workflow management. We leave your operators free to focus on the most important part of their job – providing an amazing service for your customers.

Linked Conversations

Workflows link conversations with corresponding customer information in your systems. It also works across channel, meaning whatever way they contact you, you have everything you need to resolve the query.

It's All About You

Your Workflow is bespoke to you. Your priorities power the prioritisation, your team structure influences the assignation, and our automation is designed to work the way you want it to. Workflow can be moderated with permission filters to intrinsically protect data privacy.

Fully Supported

Our dedicated support team are always on hand to help you manage your Workflow system. With full set up included as a Gnatta client, you'll be on your way to world-class service in no time.