A real single customer view.

Communication is constantly evolving. It’s time your system kept you one step ahead.

Joining up the dots.

Every contact, regardless of channel, is part of a single experience. So we automatically associate each message with the correct customer. Historical interactions and current conversations, combined in one place.

Automated data gathering from your existing systems.

Every conversation is really about data. From tracking queries to product enquiries, the answers are waiting to be found in your systems. So we automate the retrieval process from first- and third-party platforms.

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The right person, with the right information, in real-time

Every enquiry is unique, so why would you treat them all the same? Automated routing to an agent means more time focusing on the customer. Plus, all rules are set by you, editable in real-time, with no coding required.


Set yourself up for automatic success.

With the right data at your fingertips, anything is possible. From chatbots to quick replies, help customers help themselves. Our automation layer lets agents focus on the customers who need them.


Make your agents into front-line heroes.

With a single customer view, full data retrieval, and automated support, your agents are now ready to help every customer who needs it. Front-line interactions deserve a system that makes this as easy as possible.

Why Gnatta?

Exceptional technology that’s ready to use.

Gnatta can deliver the customer, and the agent, experience to take your business’ communication to the next level.

Trusted by top global brands.

OVO Energy AO Gymshark Cancer Research UK
Asos Pret a Manger DHL Checkatrade
P2P Superdrug The Perfume Shop Arrow XL

A truly 360-degree customer view.

Customers today have higher expectations than ever. With the growth in digital communication channels, they expect a seamless service across every medium, 24/7.

That’s why Gnatta treats every contact as part of the ongoing conversation between your brand and your customer, creating a single dialogue for success.


Conversations, not tickets.

Tickets belong in the past. In Gnatta, instead of separating contacts, every message is treated as part of a wider conversation. From matching historical contacts to grouping messages across channels, and more, you’re prepared for every message.


Enhance your service with performance analytics.

Knowing what’s happening in your customer communication is imperative to improving. That’s why we include a full analytics solution with every Gnatta product, making sure you know the how and why of every customer conversation.


Real-time context for smooth agility.

Things change quickly, which is why you’ve created a flexible team of human agents backed up with powerful automation. But that’s not enough if your system can’t keep up. That’s why all changes in Gnatta can be made in real-time, with no code needed.


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