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Customer preference is crucial so building tailored journeys to accommodate preferences is important. Read our blog on how Gnatta can help.

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Customer preference is crucial, so building tailored journeys to accommodate preferences is important.

The business knows best when it comes to customer preferences, so no coding is needed to adapt Gnatta’s workflows, just enter the information required and off you go.

This means you can adapt quickly to accommodate changes in team members, processes and products.

Whether it’s customising agent roles, automating responses or auto directing complaints and VIPs to the front of the queue, Gnatta handles it all.

Three easy ways to configure Gnatta:

  1. See here  – adding a new email channel is easy, a new contact centre team has been on-boarded and needs to receive emails:
add an gnatta or microsoft365 email account feature

2. And here, we can easily let Gnatta know which email inbox it needs to be tracking:

add an email account feature

3. And here we’re setting up a new filtering rule, a new loyalty programme has been created and we need to ensure VIP customers go straight to an agent:

filtering rules tool

Why not try it for yourself?

With our Self Service portal, you can be up and running quickly, integrating social and email channels and routing inbound queries with ease.

Without it you can’t, with Gnatta you can. Get in touch today.

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