Gnatta for growing start-ups.

Growth is the number one cause of start-up death. And it’s no wonder why: growing takes time, investment, and a whole lot of energy. Getting the right tech stack in place is the best way to conserve precious resources and focus on protecting those new shoots. Item number one should be streamlining customer communications so that when sales numbers lift, your contact volumes are tightly controlled.

A contact centre solution that can be built in a day.

You need to move quickly – we understand that. In 2015 we were a startup ourselves, so we understand the urgency to just get something done. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could check a box that’s future-proofed?

That’s what we wanted Gnatta to be. A strong, dependable choice for start-ups that will still be a solid foundation with five years of growth behind you.

Whatsapp Chat

Managing Conversations

Bring all of your conversations with customers under one roof. The fewer systems you need to pay for and manage, the better. Gnatta is omnichannel by nature, so when you’re ready to switch on a new channel, it’s just a few clicks away.

Simple Automations

Simple Automations

When your customer care team is just one person, or two, you need to be picky about how their time is spent. Gnatta is built around a workflow engine that will enable you to create automation to save time on repetitive tasks.

Get Started

Highly Customisable

Gnatta can be configured beginning to end without developer intervention, by you. You don’t need a tech team to get up and running, just a vision of what you want to achieve. Or if you’d prefer, our support teams are always on hand to save your time for what really matters.

Get Started

Start simply with email.

For many start-ups, email is the name of the game until things really get underway, and that’s fine by us. We can provide you with a Gnatta address and custom prefix, or help you set up your own custom domain.


Routing that doesn't require a village.

Get every contact assigned to the right queue and the right agent with no manual intervention. Use filters, rules and prioritisation settings to take the fuss out of queue monitoring.

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