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Gnatta For Maturing Scale-Ups

Handling your 10,000th customer query feels nothing like the first - and that’s because it isn’t. The problems you encounter at scale are not just about happy customers anymore; they’re about cost, efficiency, and time-intensive processes. Gnatta has been designed by contact centre professionals to resolve those pain points.

A contact centre solution that grows with you.

Gnatta has been designed in a way that means you can build the communication platform you need at every stage of growth. From the simple ticket handling system you needed on day one, to the smart, integrated contact centre you’ll need as a scale-up.

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Live Channels

Email doesn’t scale easily. You can fall behind with just one good marketing campaign. That’s why the first major sign of growth is a burst in live channel volumes. Telephony and webchat are two sides of the same coin, and Gnatta has both.

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Single-Customer View

Tie interactions from any channel into a single, cohesive conversation with your customer. Using Profile Aggregation in Gnatta, a single view of the customer can happen automatically using any criteria you define, such as order numbers, or contact details.

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Admin Tools

Whether you’re a supervisor, a team leader or a campaign manager, it’s easier to do your job in Gnatta. With real-time queue dashboards and a view on agent workloads, you can keep things ticking over without leaving your desk.

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Filtering and rules.

Shut out the noise with keyword and email address filters to flag contacts as junk or update custom fields to create alerts, then enable routing rules based on a huge range of criteria. Your team leaders can spend more time supporting agents, and less time manually sorting interactions.


Content responses.

Help your agents out with pre-written content responses, including dynamic data fields to prompt for personalisations. You can streamline your tone of voice and processes as your team of agents grow, without losing that personal touch. No more copying and pasting templates from a notepad.

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Integrations and widgets.

Whether it’s a courier or an order management system, since the beginning of digital customer care, agents have managed with multiple tabs and systems to solve a single customer problem. With Gnatta’s wide array of integrations and widgets, you can bring those systems together in one tab. Take the fuss out of day-to-day customer queries and provide quicker responses than ever.

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