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Gnatta For Financial Services.

Customer communication is increasingly important to financial organisations. From quick, accurate conversations to rigid adherence to GDPR and other data protection policies, Gnatta is designed to make your customer service more efficient, and more effective.

Consolidate your customer service.

We all know the pain of managing accounts across a range of channels. In fact, that’s why we invented Gnatta – to simplify our own customer service. Disorganisation should never be a reason for poor customer service, and with everything in one place in Gnatta, it never will be again.

Gnatta for the Logistics Industry.

Omnichannel Account Management

Gnatta funnels customer contacts from all of your channels, across all of your brands, into one easily accessible UI. With account history, file notes, and customer data included, you'll have total visibility of the customer journey from everywhere in your business.

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Full Systems Integration

We believe in keeping what works and throwing out what doesn't, so Gnatta doesn't mean total systems migration or operator retraining. Whatever systems you're currently using can be easily integrated into Gnatta as long as they have an open API.

Single Customer View

Personalised Customer Service

There's no company too big for the personal touch; it's just a matter of being inventive. Through our unique innovations in customer service technology, we promise to increase customer satisfaction and trust, as well as operator efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Experience
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Manage your team with ease.

Gnatta’s powerful queue prioritisation system ensures the most appropriate operator for the contact type, not just the next available. You can also fully customise these criteria, allowing you to handle urgent enquiries first, or route higher level accounts queries to those who are qualified to deal with them.

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State of the art analytics.

Gnatta’s analytics suite gives you real-time and historical data on both the operator and customer sides. This has innumerable applications for improving business practices. For example, Gnatta could set up a fraud alert based on red flags in the data, which would then route that query to the relevant department in real-time.

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