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Technology for a Superior Contact Centre.

Your contact centre is the front line of your business and, with Gnatta, you have the tools to deal with anything.

We’ve got your back.

Leading a customer service team is a constant battle between efficiency and effectiveness. As a customer-orientated professional, you know the importance of every customer interaction and the value of each connection.

However, the constant pressure to answer more channels, whilst meeting rising customer expectations, can sometimes seem impossible. We know this from experience.

Our founding team all have experience as front-line customer service representatives. We needed to boost our own contact centre, but couldn’t find software that was right for us.

That’s why we built Gnatta.

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Real-time operational dashboard.

Every Gnatta product comes with access to real-time agent analytics, giving you oversight on everything, from the number of current conversations to average customer sentiment analysis.

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Customisable routing and SLA’s.

Every customer relationship is important, but not all contacts were created equally. Whether it’s prioritising your top spenders, or ensuring complaints are dealt with quickly, you can customise all routing in Gnatta in real-time.


Automated assistance.

Your agents are your most powerful asset, so why should they waste time on basic tasks? From front-line responses, to data retrieval, to DPA adherence, our powerful automation lets your people focus on the customers who need them.

Gnatta Reviews - What Our Happy Customers Say

Using Gnatta we’ve increased our channel coverage with a more effective service, which is key to our customer goals.
Neil Hunter
Operations Systems Manager
Managing our customer conversations through Gnatta has made huge improvements to our contact centre efficiency.
Tracy Hodges
Head of Product
Using Gnatta allows us to automate large parts of the customer journey, making our agents more efficient and more effective.
Tracy Davies
Chief Operating Officer
FM Outsource

Need to save money?

A common ask from clients is helping them reduce their cost per contact and, as former CS managers ourselves, we know how hard this can be. That’s why all our features, from automation to profile aggregation, have efficiency in mind.

We increase agent capacity by removing unnecessary tasks and increase the first-time resolution through our Profile Aggregation feature. And our inbuilt analytics lets you keep on top of all the data and make adjustments in real-time.

Want happier agents?

Front-line customer service agents often get a raw deal. Despite being the most important voice in the business when speaking to the customer, they often get saddled with legacy systems and a poor user experience. That’s why we constantly work with clients to improve Gnatta’s UI, add helpful features, and ensure agents have everything they need to be a customer service superhero on every shift.

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Ready to scale?

Every contact centre manager knows the added pressure when contacts are forecast to rise. From managing customer expectations to new process implementations, your tech stack should be a help for this: not a hindrance. We’ve helped brands across various sectors meet the challenge head-on, and increased their customer satisfaction without drowning in extra contacts.

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