A Refreshingly Simple Pricing Structure

That's why, when you get access to Gnatta, you have access to it all. No ifs, no buts, and no set up fees. Cost is based on payment terms.



seat / month



seat / month



seat / month

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

Costs work on a 'seat' model, where only logged on users count. Have as many users as you like, only pay for the number that are online at any given time.

What If You Go Over Your Seat Allowance?

Don't worry, if you need more of the team on than you're paying for, we'll let them on for short periods of time so you don't need to hurt your operation to change your commercials.

Who Owns The Data?

You own all the data and can export it at any time should you choose to. This will always be the case for as long as we work together.

What Are The Contract Terms?

In short, it totally depends on your plan. You can pay month to month or set up 12+ month contracts. We like to be flexible to give you what you need, when you need it.