What are Workflows and How Do They Work?

Workflow technology powers every part of Gnatta. They boost efficiency and save your team time on repetitive tasks. Check out our video to learn more.


Workflows give our software instructions. Think of it like a flowchart. Our workflows wait for events and take action when they occur. For example, an incoming interaction being routed to the right department.

There are countless customisation options. You can collect data, ask for reviews, auto-respond, and more!

Our team define the four types of workflows as:

  • Filtering
  • Routing
  • Chatbots
  • and Post-Chat

Workflows also fuel our Profile Aggregation feature. Unlike other software, Gnatta puts the customer in the middle of the conversation. So even if a customer contacts you on 3 different channels, you only have to answer them once. And your team can see all the information they need to resolve queries first time. All in one, intuitive UI.

Workflows underpin every decision in Gnatta. They are the beating heart that keeps everything moving.

If you’d like to learn more about workflows, or how Gnatta can help improve your service, get in contact with us today.



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