Chatbots & Quick Replies: A Case Study

Chatbots and quick replies are an excellent first step in automating your customer care - find out how much your contact centre could save with this exclusive client case study.

quick replies

What is a chatbot? What are they for?

Chatbots are a self-service system available from some webchat providers – like Gnatta! When a customer opens a webchat, they’ll meet a chatbot before being routed to a human agent (if the chatbot can’t solve their query independently). Social media quick replies are a very similar service available on some social platforms, such as Facebook – they are sometimes a little more limited than an on-site chatbot, but still provide an extremely powerful tool for contact deflection and data gathering.


Contact deflection. 

A simple chatbot can resolve basic queries so your agents don’t have to – tracking queries, retail opening hours for physical stores, even stock queries. Let automation handle the simple stuff so your agents don’t have to. 

contextual routing

Data gathering. 

Up to 65% of all queries can be partially-automated – a chatbot can carry out critical tasks such as passing data privacy checks, or collecting contextual data from external systems for the human agent before handing over.

The results. 

Our client saved £58,000 during one of the busiest and most difficult months of the year. And it wasn’t at the expense of their customer experience. We call that a win.

Peak savings

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