Migrate to Webchat to Save Money and Improve Efficiency

You could make a cost saving of up to 75% by migrating to webchat. Check out our video to see how Gnatta makes this easy for you.


We’ve all experienced the frustration of getting the wrong person at the call centre, or having to explain your problem to three different people. Your brand is important to you and you don’t want your customers to feel that way.

So, here’s the new way: omnichannel customer experience.

Any channel; any time and problem; your callers are directed to the right person for their query first time, along with all the information on that customer and all of the communications that customer has had with you. VIP customers need different routing? No problem. Omnichannel blends self-service with live resolution.

We have worked out the cost of migrating emails to webchats, based on client data. This revealed that it takes 20% longer to close an email than a webchat and takes 4.1 emails to fully solve a customer problem compared with just 1.2 webchats.

For every problem solved by webchat instead of email, the company makes a cost saving of over 75%.

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