WISMO? We all know it's the number one complaint, but what's the best way to handle it? Read our latest blog to find out more.

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We all know it’s the number one complaint.

If only every customer communicated in the same way, and didn’t jump around across different channels.

And what about being able to see if they’ve had problems and complaints before – in email AND social?

social media logos connected to gnatta logo and single customer view table

Fig 1 – Gnatta combines all of your inbound communications into a single feed

This makes it really easy for the contact centre to work out exactly what the customer is referring to, without having to log into multiple systems, AND they can see all of their information at once, see below:

gnatta customer service messaging service
gnatta customer service software text box example

Fig 2. It really is as easy as this

What the contact centre agent sees is easy and simple to navigate, meaning WISMO queries can be quickly dealt with and customers kept happy.

Fig 3. A consolidated view that’s easy to respond to.

A simple layout that’s easy to navigate and has everything you need in one space.

Example of gnatta customer service software

Why not try it for yourself?

With our Self Service portal, you can be up and running quickly, integrating social and email channels and routing inbound queries with ease.

No credit card needed. No hidden costs. 30 days free. Control your set up.

Without it you can’t, with Gnatta you can.

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