Frictionless Conversations

A platform for a more intelligent customer service solution
Understanding and speaking to your customers. Sounds easy, but there's quite a lot to it. That's where Gnatta comes in.

Gnatta does the legwork for you, pulling together all the different ways customers can contact you. With your knowledge added in, Gnatta helps make decisions about who and what you should deal with, in the most efficient way, to create fantastic experiences for your customers. Simple.


Save time and money by reducing the contacts needed to reach a resolution.


Supercharge your customer experience; let Gnatta help you automate repetitive tasks and aggregate all your data in one place.


Rapid, concise responses on a channel, at a time that works for the customer. Everyone benefits.

Dig into the detail

Gnatta is leading the way in customer service software. We understand that customer experience is something that goes beyond customer support, and our customer service solution is designed with your business in mind to give you the platform you need to succeed.