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example of customer message
example of customer message
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Done Better.

Gnatta means better customer service. We create tools that make your contact centre more efficient, and more effective.

Managing a customer service strategy isn’t easy.

But it could definitely be better. Ours is an industry that never stops changing; the goalposts keep moving. But, as a customer communication platform, we see it as our job to do the keeping up. That way, you get to focus on doing your job.

channels and

New channels for customer service emerge every year and keeping up means constantly acquiring new software, training new teams, and adapting to new processes. You need a platform that will integrate with those channels and systems. Imagine a solution where each new channel slots in seamlessly with its predecessors.


Customers expect conversations to be faster, more helpful and more informed than ever before. And it won’t stop here; the bar will keep moving with each retailer that meets and exceeds those expectations. Time-saving features, integrations, and automation are key to making sure you’re always as efficient as you can be.

and cost

Balancing new channels, systems and changing customer expectations makes it incredibly easy for cost and performance to spiral. To combat that, you need accessible insights into the performance of your operation, and a wide range of tools to increase productivity and reduce your cost to serve.

A contact centre tool built by contact centre people.

We’re familiar with these problems because our roots are in customer service teams – it’s where we came from. Our solution has been specifically designed by people who experience the same problems you do, every day.

Managing Conversations

We believe in conversations, not tickets. That means you get to see all of your messages with a customer in one place. What's more, with widgets and integrations, there's an endless array of possibilities to create an 'all-in-one' experience for your agents.

Omnichannel Support

Business Insights

With an analytics platform built-in, real-time and historical data on your operation is at your fingertips. Access strategic, business-level insight on your customer service strategy; or dive deep into the interaction-level detail.

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No customer service team is made equal to another. That's why Gnatta is highly configurable by nature. Use out-of-the-box setup options, or build your solution brick-by-brick with fully-fledged integrations and an experienced product team on hand to support.

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Gnatta Reviews - What Our Happy Customers Say

Using Gnatta we’ve increased our channel coverage with a more effective service, which is key to our customer goals.
Neil Hunter
Operations Systems Manager
Managing our customer conversations through Gnatta has made huge improvements to our contact centre efficiency.
Tracy Hodges
Head of Product
Using Gnatta allows us to automate large parts of the customer journey, making our agents more efficient and more effective.
Tracy Davies
Chief Operating Officer
FM Outsource
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A Full Guide to Webchat

Do you need a chatbot? Is webchat on the way out? How do you get started? We have the answers to these questions and more, from our Gnatta product experts.

Customer Service Questions: Webchat Vs. Chatbot
Customer service automation

Top 5 Contact Trends

We’ve gathered research from over 2,000 UK-based retail customers to get a real insight into the state of the industry. Make sure to get your copy of our free report on the top 5 contact centre trends today!

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Volume Growth

Technology For Growth.

Growth is hard. Problems you couldn’t imagine at the start are the reason you can’t sleep when you hit your 100,000th customer interaction. Gnatta is designed to help startups scale comfortably. It’s a platform that will work straight away, no matter how small, but won’t break when you grow.


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