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How Influenced Are We? Understanding Consumer Purchase Research & Decisions

Who and what are the key drivers of our purchasing decisions in Britain? Find out everything our research uncovered below…

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Social Media Quick Replies as a Cost Reduction Strategy Blog posts

What is a Contact Centre? The Differences between a Contact Centre and a Call Centre

Contact centres can offer omnichannel customer support, but what else sets them apart from a call centre? Let’s find out…

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Conversational AI: Differentiating Between Relationship & Function

Thought Leadership Piece from our Head of Strategic Marketing, Rob Mead

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How Important is Chatbot and Webchat Tone of Voice?

Creating a strong tone of voice for your brand helps you stand out, but how important is it that you implement it into your conversational AI? Let’s delve into it below…

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A Guide to Scripting for Customer Services Explained (with Examples)

Positive customer interactions are critical for the reputation and sales of your business. Here’s how to incorporate stellar scripting into your customer service strategy…

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FAQ Bots vs. Traditional FAQ Pages: What You Need to Know

In a technology-driven world, should we be entrusting chatbots with our FAQs? Let’s compare FAQ bots and traditional FAQ pages…

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How to Improve FCR (First Contact Resolution) in a Call or Contact Centre

How efficient is your call or contact centre? First contact resolution can be a vital metric for finding out…

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Understanding both General & Contact Centre Customer Pain Points

Contact centres sit at the frontline of your customer service journey. Below, we’ll give you the necessary tools to understand and resolve general and contact centre customer pain points…

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Famous artists recreating brand logos based on AI image Blog posts

Brand Logos Reimagined by Famous Artists – According to AI

From Picasso to Dali, artists have long captured the imagination of the art world and the public at large with their evocative and inspiring works. But what happens when you let them loose to redesign some of the world’s most famous and recognisable brand logos? With a little help from artificial intelligence (AI), it’s now possible to find out.

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