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Empathy in Customer Service: A Guide

Expectations are higher than ever when it comes to customer service, so how can you properly commit to their needs? We’ll take you through our guide to delivering customer service with real empathy below…

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How to Use Reviews to Inform Customer Service Strategy

Good or bad, reviews create a powerful customer experience. Here's our guide to improving your customer service strategy using reviews...

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Why Employee Experience Benefits Customer Experience

Trying to improve one without improving the other? To optimise customer experience, you’ll have to get shouting about your employees first. We’ll show you why below…

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Preparing for Retail Peak Season: A Guide

2022's peak retail season is right around the corner. Beat the rush and maintain high customer service levels with our essential guide...

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How to Improve CSAT & NPS in a Contact Centre

Loyal, satisfied customers stick around far longer than those who aren’t. Noticed more complaints and issues lately? It’s time to start improving your CSAT and NPS. Here’s how to do it…

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6 Qualities of a Successful Customer Service Manager

Wondering what's in the skill set of a customer service manager? We'll run through the key abilities needed to lead a team of reps below...

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The Future of Eco-Friendly Products: A Trend Analysis Report

Sustainability is serious business, especially for shoppers looking to make more eco-friendly choices. But how have their habits changed over time? Let’s take a look…

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The Customer Service KPIs You Should be Measuring

With so many KPIs dedicated to measuring it, however, how do you know which ones are worth monitoring? To make your decision easier, we’ll go through the customer service KPIs you and your team should be focusing on going forward.

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How Repeat Customer Queries could be Costing Your Business Time and Money

Answering the same question again and again is not only frustrating, but your business could be paying the price for its do-overs, too. Avoid repeat requests with our detailed blog below…

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