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Business Forecasting: The Ultimate Guide

Making smart business decisions requires in-depth business forecasting. So, what does this mean, and how can you do it well?

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The Complete Guide to Customer Loyalty and Retention

We often discuss building customer loyalty and retaining customers, but how can businesses use them to perfect their customer service journey?

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Data Compliance Guide: How to Handle Customer Information Responsibly

What are the benefits of consumer data, and what are your main responsibilities around collecting and storing it?

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8 Ways to Reduce Your E-commerce Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is an inevitable issue that any online retailer is sure to face at some point in their journey. Here’s how your business can tackle it head-on…

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Website Accessibility: An Industry Analysis

Digital accessibility and inclusivity are emerging concerns across numerous industries. So, which are the best and worst performing on accessibility, and what can you do differently to improve your own? Let’s find out…

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What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology in a Call Centre?

Interactive voice response technology is capable of being beneficial for your team and your customer service. Here’s our guide to how it works and how you can use it to your advantage…

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What is the difference between eCommerce and mobile commerce?

E-commerce and mobile commerce might some similarities, but what is it that sets them apart? We’ll guide you through how they differ below...

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Empathy in Customer Service: A Guide

Expectations are higher than ever when it comes to customer service, so how can you properly commit to their needs? We’ll take you through our guide to delivering customer service with real empathy below…

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How to Use Reviews to Inform Customer Service Strategy

Good or bad, reviews create a powerful customer experience. Here's our guide to improving your customer service strategy using reviews...

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