Why Choose Gnatta? Customisation

Traditionally, changing your software required tech support. But with Gnatta, your team can customise everything from within the UI, in real-time.


Customisation in Gnatta is easy.

1: Prioritise contacts by customer, channel, or reason.

2: Route contacts to the right teams at the right time.

3: Create and edit automated responses in real time.

It’s all ready for you.

Communication requirements change quickly. Gnatta is customisable without any tech support or coding needed. Gnatta is fast and easy to learn; no more length training sessions! Keep your costs low; skyrocket your efficiency.

Gnatta updates in real-time. An example: you have to recall a product and inform hundreds of customers. You can create a queue straight away to capture all the related conversations, set the priority in real time, and create in automated messages you need.

Everything will update instantly. Problem solved within minutes!

Gnatta is a powerful tool from day one, but your business is constantly evolving. Gnatta is there to evolve right alongside you.

Gnatta Reviews - What Our Happy Customers Say

Using Gnatta we’ve increased our channel coverage with a more effective service, which is key to our customer goals.
Neil Hunter
Operations Systems Manager
Managing our customer conversations through Gnatta has made huge improvements to our contact centre efficiency.
Tracy Hodges
Head of Product
Using Gnatta allows us to automate large parts of the customer journey, making our agents more efficient and more effective.
Tracy Davies
Chief Operating Officer
FM Outsource

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