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B2C vs. B2B Customer Service: How Do They Differ?

B2C and B2B customer support often require different approaches. Here’s why they should differ and the best practices for each.

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How the Phonetic Alphabet Works in a Call Centre (Alfa, Bravo, Charlie…)

Offering quick customer service in a call centre can often become a priority that overshadows the need to provide and collect accurate information. So to bring accurate service back to the forefront, here’s how and why the phonetic alphabet can be a useful tool.

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SMS (Text Message) Customer Service: Benefits & How to Implement

With customers choosing to spend a lot of time on their phones, should businesses be taking advantage of this by introducing SMS communication in their customer service?

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Managing High Call Volume in a Contact or Call Centre: 7 Key Tactics

A high call volume can quickly overwhelm your agents when you’re unprepared. Here are six of our top high call volume management tactics to try.

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How to Build a Successful Customer Service Team: Recruitment, Training & More

Building a successful customer service team takes planning and dedication. From recruiting to training, here’s everything that customer service leaders need to think about.

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10 Core Principles of Customer Service: Explained

Customer service representatives should always strive to uphold the top principles of their trade and provide the best quality of service every time. From speed to accuracy, here’s the 10 core precepts of customer service and how to apply them.

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How to Apologise to a Customer: Our Top Tips with Examples

We all get things wrong sometimes, but admitting this and dealing with issues correctly isn’t always easy. Here’s how to apologise to customers with professionalism, speed and accuracy.

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What is a BPO Call Centre & How Does it Work?

Hit your business’ maximum operational capacity but still unable to meet customer expectations? It might be time to let a BPO call centre step in…

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UK Customer Service Roles: A Visual Report

The customer service job market in the UK might be one of the biggest, but what are some of the current trends? We analysed the data to get a better idea…

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